Special Education

LCISD Special Education Parent Handbook and Procedural Safeguards

Special Education provides additional services, support, programs,specialized placement or environments to ensure that all eligiblestudents' educational needs are being met. Removing barriers tolearning, while employing best practices in a school wide setting is thekey to high  achievement and successful school and post school outcomesfor all students with special needs or different learning styles. Eachstudent achieving to their personal potential towards independence andemployability in the least restrictive environment is the goal ofspecial education

Lapeer Community Schools offers a full continuum of programs and services for students with disabilities.  Eligibility is based on meeting specific criteria for one or more disabilities and a determination of whether or not special education is necessary for the child to benefit from the educational program.  Despite the law requiring a student to be eligible, the eligibility does not determine the individual programs, services or placement for the student.  Programs and/or services are offered for students who are eligible in one or more of the following fourteen areas:

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Otherwise Health Impaired (OHI)
  • Early Childhood Developmental Delayed (ECDD)
  • Speech and Language Impaired (SLI)
  • Hearing Impaired (HI)
  • Visually Impaired (VI)
  • Emotionally Impaired (EI)
  • Severely Multiply Impaired (SXI)
  • Severely Mentally Impaired (SMI)
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (MICI)
  • Moderate Cognitive Impairment (MOCI)
  • Traumatic Brain Impairment (TBI)
  • Physical Impairment (PI)
  • Learning Disabled (LD)

Following a comprehensive evaluation, a student’s individual education planning (IEP) team will recommend how and where to best meet the student’s special needs.  With consideration of federal guidelines and state requirements, specific learning disability eligibility is evaluated using pattern of strengths and weaknesses.  The pattern of strengths and weaknesses method is based on both assessment and review of achievement scores as well as performance in a variety of academic areas.  This includes documentation of a pattern of strengths in one or more areas as compared to other areas where the student demonstrates a pattern of significant academic weaknesses.  These recommendations may include one or more specialized instructional program or related service.

Lapeer Community Schools provides programs and services in the least restrictive environment (LRE).  When possible the student may attend the neighborhood school and be educated in the general education classroom with his or her peers.  Special education programs and services are provided through various programs such as teacher consultant services, resource room, or self-contained classrooms throughout the district. 

Lapeer Community Schools Special Education

Continuum of Programs and Services


Early Childhood Program
Resource Room Program
Self-Contained Classroom for Cognitive and Emotional Impairments

Ancillary Services

Teacher Consultant Services

Speech/Language Services

Social Work

School Psychology
Physical Therapy*
Occupational Therapy*
Visually Impaired*
 Hearing Impaired*
 Orientation & Mobility*

Homebound Services*

*Services in Coordination with LCISD  

In collaboration with the Lapeer County Intermediate School District (LCISD) programs for students with disabilities are also available for our students at the Lapeer Ed Tech Center and STRIVE Post High Site.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination against individuals with handicaps by school districts receiving federal financial assistance. This includes all district programs or activities. These regulations require every public school in the United States to identify and evaluate 504 handicapped students and to provide appropriate services and procedural safeguards. For further information, please contact your child's building principal.

Contact the Director of Special Education at 810-538-1627.

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This is the Annual Notice of the Right to Request a Personal Curriculum (PC) Modifying Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) requirements for Graduation with a Regular High School Diploma. 

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