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POSITION DESCRIPTION: The Assistant Principal/Assistant Athletic Director has the responsibility for instructional staff evaluation, student discipline, and administration of the high school athletic program under the direction of the LHS Chief Academic Officer and Chief Operations Officer.  For more information pertaining to the secondary Leadership Configuration please visit the district website.


SALARY/BENEFITS:                        Starting at $80,356.00 (commensurate with experience);

Full Benefit Package

QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s degree in related field; minimum of three years successful teaching experience at the secondary level; evidence of leadership and effective interpersonal skills; training and experience appropriate to the position; willingness to complete at least 6 graduate hours or 18 SB-CEUs in the next 5 years pursuant to 380.1246 of the Revised Michigan School Code.


WORK YEAR:                                    215 days

ASSIGNMENT TO BEGIN:                        as soon as possible

APPLICATION DEADLINE:                        September 19, 2014

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:            Applications only are accepted on-line

REFERENCE INFORMATION:            In the “Reference Materials” section of the MMAPS on-line application, applicants must provide the names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of the following:

  1. )Your current immediate supervisor;
  2. )The supervisor who immediately preceded your current supervisor;
  3. )If applicable and if not provided as the supervisor referenced above in “2.)”, your immediate supervisor at your place of employment immediately prior to your current place of employment.

• Providing all of the above-referenced information is important.  Also, please inform your references that they may receive an on-line “Reference Survey” through the MMAPS Consortium and that a prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

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Certified Positions 
Title Regular Employment Substitute Employment
Teachers Vacancy (See Note Below)
  No Vacancy  
Administrators/Managers   N/A
  No Vacancy  
Non-Certified Positions
Title Regular Employment Substitute Employment
Athletic Coach Girls Volleyball N/A
Bus Driver Applications Welcome Applications Welcome
Custodian No Vacancy No Vacancy
Daycare/Preschool No Vacancy Applications Welcome
Food Service Applications Welcome Vacancy (see note below)
Mechanic No Vacancy No Vacancy
Paraprofessional No Vacancy Vacancy (see note below)
Secretary/Office Staff No Vacancy Vacancy (see note below)
 NOTE:  Please click on "Application Process" above if interested in applying for any position other than athletic coach, substitute teacher, substitute paraprofessional, substitute secretary, or food service substitute.  Anyone interested in applying for a coaching vacancy should obtain an application from the respective school's Athletics Department office and return a completed application to that office.  Anyone interested in substituting as a teacher, paraprofessional, or secretary must do one of the following:
  1. Click here to apply at the PESG Educational Placement Services Site unless you are a Michigan public school retiree.
  2. If you are a Michigan public school retiree, apply at the Lapeer Community Schools Administration and Services Center, 250 Second Street, Lapeer between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM.  If you retired from a Michigan public school district other than Lapeer Community Schools, you must complete a MMAPS Consortium application.  To complete an application, click on the "Employment Application" link at the bottom of the "Application Process" page.  If you retired from Lapeer Community Schools, no MMAPS Consortium application is necessary.

Anyone interested in substituting as a cook's helper during school lunchtime to assist head cooks must apply at the Administration and Services Center, Food Service Department, 250 Second Street, Lapeer between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM.  Please contact Scott Smith at (810) 538-1649 with questions regarding substituting as a cook's helper.

The Lapeer Community Schools Board of Education does not discriminate in its employment decisions or in the provision of services against qualified individuals on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, height, weight, marital status, genetic information or other protected status.